The Earth is a wonderful place and people live in the world of reality but there is unseen by most The Earth has an Underworld that is real but as brightly lift The Earth has a Darkseid where the Supernatural live, The Earth is almost the safest planet in the world because there is Evil there but the Good will always triumph over Evil, The Earth is more than a thousand years old, The Natural and Supernatural still on this Earth even Today.

Europe Edit


Europe is one of the most beautiful places in the world but it also has many secrets and a dark side that Americans don't know about, some unknown history was never told mysteries that never get solved in The Continent of Europe, there also haunted places in Europe and one of them is Transylvania, Europe is very beautiful even today.

Transylvania Edit


Transylvania is one of the most Haunted place in the world because Monsters live at the Castle and Wolves roam the Carpathians, The Villagers and The Towns People feared The Supernatural and especially at Night, many people come to the village and Town and The Villagers and Towns People tried to warn them but they ignored them, Transylvania is still Haunted and The Monsters still wander Transylvania Today.

Monsters Edit

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